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PRICEKRAKEN collects data from a number of exchanges world wide and transmit it reliable to the Flare Network.

To achieve this goal, a variety of sophisticated algorithms are used, which are constantly being further developed.



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PRICEKAKEN invests in infrastructure to help the ecosystem grow and stay healthy.
For decentralisation and diversification purposes you should not vote only for one FTSO!

High precision

We filter pricedata in realtime to avoid too high fluctuation and calculate the most recent fair price at the market.

Perfect timings

Our infrastructure allows us to collect data down to the last second.

High rewards

We work with algorithms which constantly adapt to the market situation. This results in a high level of accuracy.

Consistently developed

New functions and improvements are always on the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We answer!

Can i loose funds by delegating?

No! Your assets stay in your wallet. A delegation is basically voting with your funds for a FTSO.

How much will i earn?

The reward is based on the hit rate of the FTSO price provider. The submitted prices needs to be in the median of all prices submitted by all FTSO's. All voters will get a share of the reward based on their delegated wrapped assets (WSGB or WFLR).

How often are rewards paid?

Rewards are paid once a week. They need to be claimed and stay valid for 3 months.

Where can i vote for a FTSO?

The most convinient method is to use the Bifrost wallet. A second method is to visit the WNat contract and use the 5. delegate method. Enter as _to(address) the address of the FTSO you want to vote for. Enter as _bips(uint256) the percentage of the WNat tokens you want to delegate. 1000 equals 10%.


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